Border Environments

Welcome to Border Environments, a 2020 online conference. On this website you will find all the presentations from our panelists and information on how to attend our synchronous discussions.

Our discussions will take place every two weeks between September 14 and November 13, always at 5:00 PM (EST). If you would like to join in, write us at lelacsithaca@gmail.com or check the Zoom registration links below.

Sept. 14 Materialities

Panelists: Alejandra BronfmanPaul Humphrey, Natalie Monticello, and Georgina Whittingham.

Sept. 29 Communities

Panelists: Zachary Grobe, Beth Jörgensen, Milton Loayza, and Matías Borg Oviedo.

Oct. 14 (In)Security

Panelists: Gail Bulman, Ilka Kressner, Carmen Serrano, and Oscar A. Pérez.

Oct. 29 Infrastructures

Panelists: Sebastian Antezana, John Kennedy, Emily Vázquez Enríquez, and Jinghan Wang.

November 13 Waste

Panelists: Micah McKay, Giovanna Montenegro, and Rachel Whalen.


mONDAY, sEPT. 14 AT 5:00 pm (est): mATERIALITIES

Register here: https://cornell.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0ufuuhqzsjE9HFkmyyih0tMEUB-BgH0Ksh

tUESDAY, sEPT. 29 AT 5:00 pm (est): cOMMUNITIES


wEDNESDAY, oCT. 14 AT 5:00 pm (est): sECURITY/iNSECURITY


tHURSDAY, oCT. 29 AT 5:00 pm (est): iNFRASTRUCTURES


fRIDAY, nOV. 13 AT 5:00 pm (est): wASTE


Our sponsors
  • CNY Humanities Corridor
  • Department of Comparative Literature, Cornell University
  • Latina/o Studies Program, Cornell University
Our inspiration

“Nature is fluid; walls are not.”

Margaret Wild, Scientific American

our Organizers

This is conference is organized by Professors Anindita Banerjee (Cornell University) and Debra A. Castillo (Cornell University)